Starting a SEO Company: A Quick Guide

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of using specific strategies to help a website rank well in an online search. This high ranking helps a website get more visitors, and ultimately be more successful. Many website owners perform their own SEO, some have no clue what it is, and others fall somewhere in between. Luckily, a lot of people with website, whether they know about SEO or not, would prefer to pay someone to do it for them. You can take advantage of this and start your own SEO company in Hong Kong. Here are some helpful tips that you can use as you explore this new venture.

First of all, learn all you can about the latest Hong Kong SEO strategies. Search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis and by keeping up with these changes, not only will your website be properly optimized, but you will be able to offer the best possible services to the clients who pay you to perform SEO on their websites.  To learn more about SEO strategies check out this SEO Hong Kong medium page.

After that, create a website for your new SEO business. You can do the work yourself, or you can have someone do it for you. Either way, it should be a professional site, be attractive, and easy to use. During this process, it is also a good idea to create an email signup option. This allows you to capture email addresses so you can use them in your advertising campaigns.

Next, decide how you will accept payments from your clients. Do you want to send them a monthly invoice for work performed? Is paying up front important to you? If you choose to take credit cards, which site or app will you use to take them?

Then, you can start gathering clients. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but by taking time to advertise your business and find site owners who could benefit from your SEO services, you can start to grow your clientele. As you search for clients, be open to trying new things, but it can be helpful to stay within a niche that you are comfortable with or feel you can be successful in.

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In conclusion, a SEO company Hong Kong is a good choice for many different reasons. If this is the path you would like to take, you can use the tips that have been shared here. Start by learning all you can about SEO and stay up to date on the recent changes and you will find success in your endeavors.

Top SEO Link Building Techniques To Get Your Site Ranked

In the world of SEO, high quality backlinks are absolutely critical in order to rank highly in Google and keep those rankings. This is especially true if you’re trying to rank for competitive keywords. Google typically looks at the authority, trust and relevance of your backlinks as well as your entire backlink profile. So, in this article, we will be covering some of the best link building techniques that will definitely help you to move up the SERPs and stay at the top.

One of the best types of backlinks come from PBNs or private blog networks. However, you should always build your own PBN and not rent or buy these links from other people or companies in Hong Kong. This is a risky strategy that if done well, will definitely skyrocket your rankings. All you need to do is buy a few high quality expired domains that are in the same niche as your site. Then, you should register them using fake names and information. This is a crucial step since you don’t want to create a digital footprint that Google or other SEOs can find.

Then, once you have registered and hosted each expired domain, you should build out the site in a theme that is similar to your main site. So, if your main site is about Hong Kong restaurants, then your PBN sites should be about food, Hong Kong cuisine, Hong Kong culture etc. You should strive to make each site look as authentic as possible before you start using them to build backlinks. Once you do, make sure that you never interlink your PBNs or place too many backlinks on each site.

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The next effective SEO link building technique that we will discuss is getting guest posts on authority sites. This is an old method, but if you do it right, will increase your rankings dramatically. Now, you should strive to only get guest posts from sites that are authorities in your niche and not from minor or unrelated sites.

In order to get these high quality guest posts, you need to develop a relationship with the owner of the authority site. You can do this by commenting regularly on their site and interacting with them on their social media pages. Once they see that you are giving value through your comments and are highly invested in their site, they will most likely grant you a request for a guest post.

In closing, we have just covered two of the best link building techniques available. Once you get these links, they will certainly help boost your own site’s authority and rankings over time.

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